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Small round terracotta pot

Terra Cotta Pot is crafted with porous terra cotta that allows plants' roots to breathe. The drainage hole prevents overwatering promoting plant health. Terra cotta will develop a beautiful patina color over time.
Excellent way to keep grow bags watered. Mine have survived to a second year. When they arrived they were very difficult to prise apart, but that done, they are easy to use.

Get a touch of cottage style with this beautiful, durable round terracotta Planter. Available in three sizes, this wicker planter has a strong metal frame that's powder coated to resist rust. The woven rattan is variegated for a textured look. To help keep the wicker looking great for years, the planter includes a black plastic liner custom-made to fit these dimensions. Order a terracotta pot in every size for an impressive display!

If you want an easy, hassle-free way to water your plants that you are growing in grow bags the these small terracotta Pots are the solution! The large capacity reservoir of each unit delivers the water directly to the roots where it is needed the most. When used in conjunction with traditional growing bags, the central raised pot creates a deeper planting depth to encourage a more extensive root system to develop.

Ideal for use with tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers, peppers and many other seasonal fruit and vegetable plants.

All you do is remove the plastic sections from the grow bag and push the grow bag watering pots into the surface of the growing media until level with the reservoir base. Then position the plant in the central pot and fill with a similar type of compost used in the grow bag or border. Water the plants thoroughly using the central pot to settle the compost around the root ball of the plants. Initially you will need to water the plants using the central pot - until the roots have had time to grow down into the surrounding growing media. This will take approximately 2 weeks. After this initial period you can deliver the water into the outer reservoir, adjusting the amount of water depending on the size of the plants and temperature. Make drainage holes in the bag - so any excess water can drain away.

Hoang Pottery Ltd was started in 2003, supplying pottery to worldwide markets from their Dragon Kilns in Binh Duong.Our company situated in Binh Duong, Vietnam offers you a wide range of products: for outdoor use and indoor use, also furniture and garden decoration items for your garden. All our products are 100% hand made. Our products are made of various materials such as ceramic , glazed terracotta, red terracotta, black terracotta, zinc, light cement, light terrazzo,.... For the past years we have put a lot of efforts to our our design capability to meet the demands of the most stringent boutique retailers, and have expanded our manufacturing capacity to fulfill the orders of many large international retailers. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities.