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Vietnam bullet terracotta pot decorative garden planter is sure to add style and character to your garden setting. The Bullet terracotta pot will make the perfect home for your favorite plants and flowers, bring a classical and elegant focal point to your indoor or outdoor space!

This Pots are terracotta pots with a bit of a white washed look. Terracotta pots are timeless they always seem to be in demand. The Bullet Pots come in 5 sizes, an olive tree looks great in the very largest size.The terracotta pot is a great all-arounder.  It works great as a vessel for airplants, as a planter for succulents or as an base for an Ikebana-style arragnement.  This beautifully designed peice will do it all.
Size             42cm Tall x 51cm Wide
                   34cm Tall x 41cm Wide
                   28cm Tall x 32cm Wide      
Material        terracotta

Shape           Round

Brand            Hoang pottery

Usage            Indoor , Outdoor
Hoang Pottery Company is as a professional manufacturer and exporter of handmade pottery in Vietnam.  we offer you a wide range of products: for outdoor use and indoor use, also furniture and garden decoration items for your garden such as ceramic, glazed terracotta, red terracotta, black terracotta, zinc, light cement, light terrazzo,....All our products are 100% hand made so they are frostproof in cold weather conditions and also our pottery lines for architecture applications such as refractory items are withstand with high heating.

Please feel free to shop our site and we will send you a catalog. Note that we have many styles not shown on the website so please inquire if you do not find the color and style you are looking for.

It's our great pleasure to welcome all the customers to contact, visit our factory, showroom for business negotiation.

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