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Cute decorating a terracotta pots

Decorating a Vietnam terracotta pots

An ugly terracotta flower pot, these pots look so primitive and bare with their rough finish and bland, terracotta color.You can decorate a flower pot and give it new fresh status in your home. Here's how to transform that terracotta flower pot into a one of a kind piece of home décor:

How to decorate a flower pot:

Color its!!!!

To paint your flower pot to match the décor of any room, sand away any rough spots using 100 grit sand paper for a nice smooth surface. Paint the outside, base color, apply two coats of acrylic paint with a soft brush. Another option is to use acrylic spray paint in a well ventilated area. Now  your terracotta flower pot should already look more presentable with more flower.
More color.
After applying the base coat, paint your terracotta pot with interesting, abstract designs using acrylic paint. Try painting the rim a contrasting color or add big, bold polka dots to give your pot character. Apply masking tape in lines around your pot and spray on a contrasting color of paint to give funky stripes. Choose colors that coordinate with other items in your home. Use masking tape to tape strategic areas, add a second color, and then peel off the tape to reveal a new design.Apply three coats of spray acrylic sealer to preserve your artwor

More ideas

Buy rubber stamps from your craft store in interesting designs or floral patterns and stamp color onto your pots. Combine several stamps to create a border along the upper rim of your terracotta pot. You can even cut your own stamps out of foam or a fresh potato to give your pot a signature look.

Why not glue some interesting glass shards, mosaic pieces, or flat stones to your flower pots? If you long for the seashore on a cold day, glue some beautiful seashells to the rim of your flower pot.

Terracotta flower pots are so inexpensive that you can decorate a flower pot for every room in your house. Your home will take on a whole new personality when it's adorned with unique artwork made by you. Why not explore your creative side?

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