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Vietnam Camilla curved terracotta pot

Camilla curved terracotta pot are more popular than ever.  This heavy little vessel is made by red clay and they are deep enough for soil planting, with easy access provided by the open mouth.

The curve terracotta pot are clay pots with a bit of a white washed look. Terracotta pots are timeless they always seem to be in demand. Camilla Curved is one of our most popular pots, attractive and versatile. The terracotta pot will make a stunning home for your favorite plants and flowers. The rims that circle the outside of the planter combined with the unique design, work hard to create a wonderful focal point for your garden. This planter will look lovely out in your garden landscape, or on porch or patio setting!
Size              63cm Tall x 45cm Wide
                    52cm Tall x 36cm Wide
                    39cm Tall x 27cm Wide  
Material        Terracotta

Shape           Square

Brand            Hoang pottery

Usage            Indoor , Outdoor
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